The Story Behind the Bumble Bee Mascot

The “B” in our call letters means more than just WBQP TV-12. We selected the Bumble Bee as our mascot because it symbolizes what this TV station is all about. What the bumble bee represents to flight is what WBQP TV-12 represents to broadcasting.

The experts claim that according to the rules of aerodynamics, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. Experts claim that the bumble bee is not designed for flight because of the bumble bee’s short fat body, little short wings and little wing span. According to the rules of aerodynamics the bumble bee was not designed for flight. Despite all of the experts contentions and conclusions, the bumble bee defied all rules and has been flying since creation. The bumble bee may not soar as gracefully as an eagle, or float like a butterfly, or even designed as slick as a Boeing 747 but yet, it manages to fly from place to place to achieve its objective and in the process doing a very important job for nature.

WBQP TV-12 should not be broadcasting according to the expert’s “rules” of professional broadcasting. Like the bumble bee, we lack the precieved prequistises to meet the standard definition of professional broadcasting. Yet, we managed to broadcast seven day a week, 24 hours a day to thousands of people on broadcast television and thousands more cable subscribers and perhaps broadcasting to millions of people around the world via the internet broadcasting. Just like the bumble bee, we may not be broadcasting as gracefully a major network television station, or staffed with all professional trained employees, or even have all of the “state of the art high-tech” professional equipment. But yet, we manage to achieve our objectives to the public and in the process providing a valuable and quality service to our community.

WBQP TV-12 was created out of a desire to serve an unfilled need in the community. The owners, Vernon and Mary L. Watson did not have “professional broadcasting” experience or former education in mass media or public relations. They never had any technical training in television production or engineering. They were members of the “working class” with no financial backing or investors. Their budget would not allow them to hire an all professional trained broadcastering staff or even to hire professional technicians. Yet with a great opportunity in hand and strong desire to succeed, they took advantage of an opportunity by learning on the job and hiring students and non-professionals to learned how to build a broadcast vehicle that’s works and made dream into reality.

Despite the odds, WBQP TV “learned to fly” and has matured to a state of achieving all of the techiques of professional broadcasting. Just like the bumble bee, we are providing an important television service to the community. We like to think WBQP stands for We Broadcast Quality Programs. Therefore, we are proud to use the “Bumble Bee” to symbolize and represent the plight of WBQP TV-12.

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